Five Tips on How to Host a Memorable Event

A PR event is all about showcasing your brand to the public and reaching as many people as possible with your brand message. 

We love working with our clients to bring events to life here at Sabio, so we’ve pulled together some of our tips and tricks to create a memorable event experience for your guests.   

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Tip 1: The Who's Who - create the perfect guest list

A PR event is all about generating buzz, brand awareness and of course publicity, so developing the perfect guest list is key. While it can be tempting to invite the hottest and biggest names, it pays to assess the audience relevance and brand fit of each possible attendee to maximise the payoff of their attendance. We recommend building a guest list with influential identities who are a natural fit with your brand – that could be because they have engaged with your brand before, share similar values or X – and who speak to your target audiences. Doing so will ensure your event is a valuable exercise. Make sure to invite media contacts that you know are brand aligned and could have a vested interest in the brand, they might even be able to offer some coverage off the back of it! 

Tip 2: Suppliers are everything - choose the right event stylist

How you style the space sets the tone for the entire event. If you’re launching a new venue, be sure to choose theming that will enhance the space you’ve worked so hard on creating but that doesn’t give the public a false sense of what to expect when visiting for themselves. We know the power of event styling as a key component to ensuring a successful and visually stunning event.  

Tip 3: Plan for everything - run sheets are key

A good run sheet can mean the difference between a well thought-out, expertly timed event and one that falls a bit flat (or goes off the rails). As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail! A run sheet should be highly detailed and cover every element of the event – from supplier arrival times to when guests will arrive, food will be served and speeches or other activities will commence. The run sheet is your bible for the night, so make sure you invest the time into it.  

Tip 4: Don’t let your guests go home hungry (or thirsty)

If you plan to serve food at your event, do it in abundance. It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re hosting; guests always remember the food and you never want a guest to remember that they left hungry. Make sure the team is briefed on how many guests will be in attendance to ensure the kitchen can prepare accordingly, and so that there are enough staff on show so guests are served efficiently. Food is also a chance to make a memorable moment. Think highly visual grazing boards, creative or quirky canapes or branded cocktails that can be as formal or casual as the event demands Ensure a good first impression by offering guests a drink on arrival.  

Tip 5: it’s all about the visual opportunities

A great way to increase  the social media reach is by creating brand moments that demand to be captured. Create engaging and visual moments through aesthetically pleasing, interactive and high-impact décor like photo walls, unique entertainers and immersive experiences. These not only create great visuals that will inspire guests to share on their social channels, but also enhances the overall experience. If budget allows, hire a professional photographer to capture still and video footage during the event. This also means any content can be used on your social media channels, or be sent to media that couldn’t attend but might want to publish something post-event. Your guests will also love looking out for pics to share on their socials post-event!  

If you need a hand planning your next big event – talk to our team of experts and connect with our Operations Director, Laura Carlin at [email protected].

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